January 11, 2010

wool soaker GIVEAWAY!

   Alright, I have a Newborn size, PINK wool soaker to giveaway. This soaker has been felted, so it is 100% bulletproof! We all know wool, we love it, nows the time to get some for free. I recently felted one of my soakers that was a little on the big side and not working so well for us, and I really liked the way it turned out.  soooo, I decided to make another one to giveaway for this blog.

                                             A bit about wool and wool care

     Wool care is easy. And the benefits of wool are unmatched by any other diaper cover alternative. Wool covers are fantastic with their breathability, antibacterial properties and natural ability to hold liquid. Indeed, they are self-cleaning (as the the urine reacts with the lanolin to form a soap) for a week or two at which point they simply need to be gently hand washed and/or re-lanolized.

   Hand wash your wool covers in lukewarm water using a wool safe wash and little agitation. If the wash contains lanolin, let soak for 15 minutes. Lay flat to dry (after rolling in a towel and gently squeezing to remove excess water) Olive oil soap can be used for a simple spot cleaning wash.

  It is also nice to use a concentrated lanolin every month or so to provide a fuller lanolization. Simply dissolve the desired amount of lanolin (usually 1 tablespoon) in lukewarm water. And follow the same directions as above.

  This is a great opportunity to add some cutemess to your NB stash. To enter this giveaway just leave a comment about why you love wool (also include your email  ).  If you are new to the wonders of wool, let me know why you are wanting to give it a try :)  for an extra entry post about this giveaway in an online forum( be sure to leave a link) and leave a comment letting me know you did :)

    A winner will be chosen randomly friday @ 12pm Good luck!

The Winner is LAR1203!!! congrats
Be sure to check back often, as I will be posting more giveaways and reviews in the near future :)


  1. i love wool because it's cute and it works. this would be great for my soon-to-be niece!

  2. I just ordered my first set of cloth diapers (Thirsties Duo Wraps), but I'm excited to try out a wool cover. Everyone raves about them!

  3. I love wool because it can be so warm! :)

  4. I have never tried wool but want too! I hear wonderful things!


  5. I love wool because when nothing else stood up to my super soaker kiddo, wool proved bulletproof!


  6. wool gets a ton of play around here! perfect for nighttime!

  7. I'd love to try wool.. looks so cute.. still need to get a step by step on learning to knit and choose wool..
    my little girl isn't here yet but I keep thinking if she's going to be a super soaker.. :)

  8. I love the fact that wool is self-cleaning! I wish everything could be that easy.

  9. I am very, very new to wool but the one piece I have I have fallen in love with. Not only is it too adorable, but it is soft and so far is bulletproof. I can't wait to get more wool.

  10. I love wool because it is warm in winter, not-to-warm in summer, it is natural, breathable and snuggly/kuddly! AND- I like sheep! Just knitted a little merino sheep/ram out of merino wool (Peacefleece) with a wool stuffing for a little guy- sooo cute (sheep and boy- unfortunately no pic available)!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  11. I love wool because it's all natural, absorbent, soft and cuddly, comfy for baby, and soooo beautiful! I am addicted to making my own longies and soakers right now too!! srhm22 @gmail dot com

  12. We have twins on the way, and I love that I can use wool to make covers for prefolds. It lets me make things for the babies that will be useful on an everyday basis!

  13. I love wool because it is a natural fiber that breathes. We use it day and night, summer and winter!

  14. I love wool beause it keeps my ec'ed dd clothes dry. And that it's antibacterial! Would love this soaker!

  15. I love wool because of its breathability. I like to put my daughter to bed in wool soakers. apriljoan(at)hotmail(dot)com