January 07, 2010

Eco- Friendly kindness

    There have been alot of difficult things that led my family to where we are right now. This post isn't about all of that., but about the kindness of practical strangers, who happen to know about all of that crazyness. I post on the Eco-Friendly family on the bump.com regularly, its part of what keeps me sane through this crazy time. I let these people know whats going on in my life, they listen, give advice, and generally make me feel, at least for a little while, that things will get better eventually. They really are a great group of people.

  Yesterday, while we were all sitting around watching a movie, the doorbell rang . We were suprised, because we NEVER get unexpected guests, and it wasnt a visitation day for any of the kids. I hop up and look out the peep hole, ans nobodys there...weird. I open the door and theres a package WITH MY NAME ON IT! thats the most exciting feeling, getting something in the mail just for you, that isn't from a bill collector :) Well it turns out what was inside was only partially for me. It was a box filled with  clothes and great condition cloth diapers for my little Riley. the package was from one of the ladys from my message board, HikerBreide. I  could not believe it, these were things that she needed, but we simply couldn't afford at this time.

  It turns out, one of the gals from the bump, jenni, set up a sort of "diaper drive" for my little Riley. She had read a post of mine, part of which talked about how I was doing diaper laundry at least once a day, because we only had 11 diapers and 3 covers that fit. Jenni took it apon herself to set all of this up for us, people send her cloth diapers, and she will send all of them to me all at once. It turns out, that package I recieved, was box one of two. The second box( from everyone else) will be comming in about two weeks. I never asked for this, nor are she and I good friends. She simply saw that we were in need, and cared enough to help and get other people involved. I am so unbeliveably grateful for her and her generosity, along with the other women who participated in this.

  These diapers, as great as they are, are more than just diapers to me. They are a symbol that someone, a few someones actually, care about me and my family. They dont know me, they wont ever get to see us in person, they arent getting anything in exchange for their kind act. They just cared. I wish I had the words to tell them all how much this means to me, but I dont. So, I'll just do my best,  say a thank you, and hope that they relize how much it means to me.


  1. Wow, what a blessing! Thank you for sharing, to often we only hear of those that harm o hurt!

  2. Wow! This story really makes me cry! Thank you for sharing- it´s so wonderful!
    I read your posting about insurance and unemployment money and think it is just tooo crazy and shouldn´t be allowed- what buerocracy does people/families...