January 07, 2010

are we there yet?

Okay, so I said I would write about where we are in our lives right now, and a little about how we got there. Here we go, buckle your seatbelts.

  I have to say It all started when we decided that  we needed a bigger house with the baby on the way and all. 3 kids there full time, 2 more there everyother weekend and wednesdays, and one on the way, we just were not going to fit all of that into our tiny 3bedroom 1 bath barely 1k sq ft home. The hunt was on. It took us about 3 months to find a house that worked for us. Our move in day was september 1st, 2009. we loved this house 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 3 car garage 2,400 sq feet, it really felt like home. The $1550 a month price tag was the only drwback, but with both of us working, we thought we could make it work.

 Heres where it gets crazy. On september 3rd, I was fired from my job. I had been there for 4 1/2 years, and never really been introuble. This was a shock to us. I'll save the detail of my termination for another post. Here we are a new house, me 26weeks pregnant, and low and behold, now Brents Ex is taking us to court. OH MY GOD! this could not get any worse.

 We end up actually getting more custody of the boys because of  T's( brents ex) selfish behavior. This was great for us, not we got the boys on brents days off, and *gasp*, brent and I got some alone time on the weekends when all of the kids were gone. It really worked out great for us.

   When I lost my job, obviously, lost my insurance. so I applied for medical. 2 months later I was denied. They said I made too much money on unemployment. because of this, my OB dropped me as a patient.  I recieved no prenatal care for my last 2 months of pregnancy, because nobody would take me.

  The next thing to happen would rock our world the most. because we are still in court over this issue, I cant say much, so i'll just give you the outcome so far. Brents boys now live with us full time, we take them to counceling once a week, and have to drive the kids back and forth to school in a diffrent twon that where we live so they can stay in the same school. They are safe here with us and thats all that matters at this point.

  Unemployment sent me a total of 3 checks from september to november 1st. I called to speak with someone about where my money was, and they said that I had a phone interview scheduled for the 24th of december, to discuss my "disabiliy" I was VERY pregnant, but had no DR. The outcome of that intervied was that I was considered disabled and therefor not able to collect unemployment benifits. I have no dr or insurance, so nobody could sign my paperwork stating that I was disabled. Finally I called the disablity office to see what I could do . They advised me to go to the ER, they could sign my paper work, and could not turn me away for no insurance.

   GREAT a way out of this financial mess!  That day ( December 3rd) we headed to the hospital, I had been having some spotting, SO i told them that was my reason for comming in. They sent me to OB, turns out I was in labor. :) I had my baby Riley that day.  The dr. that delivered her told me that he could sign my paperwork, but he would be back later to do so. He never came back. I asked another one of the dr's from his practice if he could sign it for me and her told me that he would "check with their supervisor" he came back and told me that he could not do it, but the mercy maternity clinic could do it for me. okay thats a pain, but it least them I can get some money.

   I call the maternaty clinic, and they tell me that because I have never actually been seen by them, they cannot sign my paperwork either. So Im screwed. I called EVERY walkin clinic, and dr's office in anderson and redding, nobody would sign my paperwork.

  Unemployment decided to do an evaluation on my case, because of the disability/ unemployment issue, and they found that they never got a note clering me to go back to work for an earlier disability in april of 09. I did give my employer a note ( or I wouldn't have been able to return). they are trying to say that i comitted disability/ unemployment fraud. they think that I got benifits while still working, then tried to get unemployment while disabled. AHHH. now I have to prove that this is not the case. SHould be easy, I'll just call my Dr's office and get a copy of the note. They dont have it. but they wrote me a note saying the estimated time of disability and dated it for april, but they would give me a note saying that I was released to go to work after that disability ended. SO i called my work, surely they would have a copy of the note I gave them. NO.  so I am literally screwed. no imcome, and no way to get any income. PLUS unemployment wants me to pay them back for what I did recieve.

  So, thats where we are at right now. no money comming im, and the bills still comming regularly. I want to say, It couldn't get any worse, but I dont want to jinx myself....

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  1. This story is just too crazy and I think they are nuts! It really is a journey with that insurance and unemployment and paperwork nobody wants to sign. Can´t you talk to a suvervisor? I mean, come on, it just doesn´t make sense... I´m from Germany, here things work different, but I don´t really understand about the "disability" (does it mean you were not able to work while sick or pregnant for a longer time?).
    And nobody wants to sign your form or has copies of the note... It will not help you know, but I had other issues where I needed some form/note very badly and did not have it because I sent it somewhere: Now I always xerox it and keep a copy for my records- so, this will not happen again to me so easily (never say never;-)...
    Good luck for you,
    at least the custody thing worked out and the boys are well taken care of- most important!
    I also have friends who were in a lawsuit (Ex went forward and did it), but it worked out fine for them and he gets to see his son like your husband does: every other weekend and on Wednesdays (special vacation/summer break solutions).