January 08, 2010

Poor baby

   Ah the joys of motherhood. There has been a  stomach bug going around our house for the last week, it usually lasts about a day. One kid gets it, then passes it onto another. Its pretty mild, but sick whinny kids are not fun. Times that by 6!

  My 5 week old baby now has it. she's so miserable. You think whinny kids are bad, oh no, try a sick baby. Taking care of a mindly sick 5 year old is a little frustrating, but do-able. Pass out some extra hugs, watch a few movies and your golden. Throw a sick baby in the mix, now you've got trouble. Hug them all you like, even watch an entire day of Dora, it does you no good. A baby doesn't want to be consoled when they are sick. They want you to make them feel better. NOW.

  When a baby is sick, you spend your entire day, trying to make them feel better. four baths, three masages, pick her up, put her down, feed her, brush her hair, bicycle her legs, go for a walk, drive the car, do the stinkin' chicken dance. stop. breath. PLUS attempt to do all the regular everyday things that need to be done...like eat lunch.

   With all the attention going twards he sick baby I am sure, come tomarrow, I will hear about all the things that happened while I was pre occupied with the baby. broken toys, "he hit me", "the dog ate my homework", "my shoes are on the roof", "I lost my jacket". 

But thats tomarrow, right now, baby wants bath number two...

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