January 13, 2010

my little angels... HA!

   I said a few days back, that my children were little devils sometimes. Lets face it, who's kids aren't... right? I got to thinking about it, they really are good kids.  its just that they're are so many of them, if they arent all standing still being quiet, it looks like a mad house. If you have one kid asking you a million questions, its a little annoying, but  you can tolerate it. Now if you have 5 kids all asking you tons of questions, then it gets crazy, and loud. Even 6 quiet voices talking to you all at once in the grocery store is going to get loud. And I have yet to meet a kid who talks quietly.

   So, even if running simple errands with a small human zoo in tow seems like a daunting task, I have to try and see things from the kids point of view. I really cannot expect them all to just stand there and be quiet all the time. Thats just not a possibility, or fair. Kids are going to talk, and fidjet, and *gasp* ask questions. Its all part of being a kid. Do I expect them to still behave in public...YES...they are still kids, not animals. But I feel like I can let them be themselves while we are strolling through target, and not be embarrased.

Go ahead let the grumpy old men stare at our huge clan of children, all chattering away. I dont mind. they are just kids after all. I think our kids behave well. One-on-one, you would never have a problem, not a single one. Take 'em to the DMV wait in a long line, they'd do just fine. I think people( me included) just need to get the sticks out of their buts and realize that just because there are six of them, doesnt mean that they have less of a right to act like children. Even if it is an inconvenience to them, and it gets a little loud.
              I say, bring on the noise...

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