January 11, 2010

Like a bat out of hell

   Alright heres where it really gets fun. you know, those days where you have so much to do your head practically starts spinning. This is one of those days. :) on todays schedule, and mind you, this is on top of the every day clean up the house, take care of the kids, make meals stuff.

1.go to the post office to send out FLUFFY mail
2. stop by the child support officce
3. stop by the EDD office
4. go to the bank and get a statement
5. go to the social services dept ( this will take aprox 2 hrs, and with a baby and small kids in tow, not likely to be fun)
6. strip my diapers.  my diapers have amonia smell, and I want to get rid of it before it gets bad. this task alone cold take me all-day-long * sigh*
7.finish a pair of longies

  Yes, today will be one of those days where people look at me like I am just a *bit* crazy. Hair in a loose pony tail, huge diaperbag, a baby in a soft carrier, a child holding onto each hand and paperwork held under my arm scrambeling to get all of this done.
  On a good day, people will look in awe at how well all of the children act, and how well they are togather. They will come up and ask "how we do it with all of these kids", tell me how cute the baby is, ect. THOSE are the good days, and I wish everyday could be like that. BUT we all know that isnt the case. On those other days, the ones where my prefect angels have decided to trade their wings for horns, people stare wondering why on earth we decided to have 6 kids. Some people just ignore the fact that we are there, and some of the more brave people come up and try to resolve the problem themselves, offering the kids candy and such.
                      So we shall see, what kind of day today will be.

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