June 11, 2010

HunBaba Mei tai review!

I inquired about doing a review on this baby carrier quite a while back. I had actually forgotten that it was OTW to me :)

I have to say this woman's designs are AMAZING! lots of cute prints to choose from and great sturdy construction.

My favorite part about this carrier is the sleeping hood. I have never personally owned a standard Mei tai with a sleeping hood before. this is a winning combination if you ask me. And since you are reading this then I assume that you DID indeed, ask me :)

What I like:
 design. I really love the fabric choices for this, there really is something for everyone:)
 consistency: every one of these I have seen look the same, right down to the fabric placement. there is nothing more tragic than a bad fabric placement of a baby carrier. fortunately this  is a problem you will never have to worry about, when ordering from Hunbaba.
 also the canvas on this is like no other canvas I have ever felt, buttery soft. all I can say is WOW.
immaculate embroidery; love it! great workmanship

What I don't like:
Shipping cost and time. the actual cost for this carrier is not that bad, but adding the international shipping on top of that makes it just a tad pricey.  If you are fortunate enough to live in Hungary as well, then you have got it made my friend :)
 I'm not a very patient person, so maybe the shipping time on this isn't as bad as I think...
 im just waiting for an instantaneous way to get my items through my computer.

what can I say, I dream big.

All in all this is a beautiful carrier than you are shre to get a ton of complements on. add one to your stash, give one as a rockin' baby shower gift, or just get one to convince your husband that baby wearing doesn't have to be just for women:)


  1. How long did this take to ship to you? And did you get shipping confirmation? I ordered one a week ago today and still haven't received any word on it's status!

  2. I actually never heard back from her after the initial deal. no shipping date DC or anything. I believe that it took at least 4 months to get to me. I had forgotten all about it by the time it arrived. lol

    BUT its really hard to tell if i just got puched to the back of the "order stack" because I wasn't a real customer only a tester.
    I hope this helps out a bit.