March 15, 2010

Oh how children forget...

Money Isn't Everything, But It Sure Keeps The Kids In Touch.

I'm surprised at how easily children are swayed with the promises of toys and games. Our kids are in no way spoiled...that would be pretty hard with 6 kids and one income. I always thought it was only the spoiled kids whose minds could be changed simply by purchasing "things"

Our 5 year old goes to his dad's house on the weekends, and we have had a lot of issues around that. We wont go into that right now. A few weeks ago, my son came back very upset about some things that had happened over the weekend. I was really mad about it, and I started thinking that maybe we should make the visits every other weekend.

here's where it gets funny. I talked to my son about switching the days he went to his dads house. Here's how the conversation went

him " ya, I think its about time I see you on the weekends"

me" oh, you don't want to see your dad at all anymore, how about we just make it every other weekend instead"

him " no mom, I want to see him monday-thursday"

me " WHAT?!?" ( and i reminded him about what had just happened over there)

him "ya, but I have more toys over there"

me " so you aren't upset about that anymore?"

him " ya, but I have more TOYS over there"

uggh! kids. I guess that's why kids aren't allowed to make their own decisions until they are older.

Our two other boys are (almost)5 and 8. We had a similar situation with them. They didn't want to go to their moms house until she started buying them new toys every time they came over. sheesh!

I think it is hilarious how easily children forget things in the face of toys.

I've decided from now on, I'm walking around with hot-wheels in my pocket, ready to pass out ... :)

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  1. Unfortunately the "toys" get a lot more expensive when the kids are teens! I'm running out of things to bribe my son with.